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Transfer on Legal form Date of registration Date of cancellation UID File number
  Société à responsabilité limitée 16 juillet 2014   CHE-365.158.234 03741/2014

Ref. Company name
1 RM Carrelage Sàrl
Ref. Head office
1 Villars-sur-Glâne

Ref. Address
1 Route du Petit-Moncor 1c, 1752 Villars-sur-Glâne
Ref. Bylaws date
1 15.07.2014

Nominal capital
Ref. Nominal Released service of the associates
1 CHF 20'000  CHF 20'000   

Ref. Goal, Observations
1 But: Exploitation d'une entreprise de carrelage ainsi que tous travaux lis au btiment (cf. statuts pour but complet). 
1 Selon dclaration du 15.07.2014, la socit n'est pas soumise un contrle ordinaire et renonce un contrle restreint. 

Ref. Publication board
1 Communication aux associés: par n'importe quel moyen de transmission écrit 

Ref. Number Date Date Page/Id
1 3741  16.07.2014  21.07.2014  1623917 

Ref. Partners, managers and people having signing capability
Regis. Mod. Can. Name and First names, Origin, Residence, Partnership share Functions Signature mode
      Vieira da Silva Ribeiro Maria Cristina, du Portugal, Villars-sur-Glne, 20 parts de CHF 1'000 associée gérante   signature individuelle 

The above information is given without commitment and has not legal effect. Only the official company record (extract) issued and certified by the commercial register of Fribourg and published in the Swiss Commercial Gazette is legally binding.

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